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Parylene is the generic name for the poly-para-xylylenes.These Parylene materials form linear, highly-crystalline polymers but can be usefully produced only as coatings and films. The most commonly used is Parylene C, the mono-chloro substituted compound. Parylene N, the un-substituted compound, has better high-frequency dielectric properties, better penetrating power for coating the bore of very small diameter tubes, and is often preferred in medical applications. Parylene D,

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What's Parylene


Parylene Is The Generic Name For The poly-para-xylylenes.These Parylene materials form Linear, Highly-crystalline Polymers But Can Be Usefully Produced Only As Coatings And Films. The Most Commonly Used Is Parylene C, The Mono-chloro Substituted Compound. Parylene N, The Un-substituted Compound, Has Better High-frequency Dielectric Properties, Better Penetrating Power For Coating The Bore Of Very Small Diameter Tubes, And Is Often Preferred In Medical Applications. Parylene D, The Di-chloro-substituted Compound, Has Better High Temperature Endurance.

The Parylene Coating Process

The Parylene Process Is Unique In Coating Technology And Is Best Described As A Vapor Deposition Polymerization. It Is Carried Out Under Vacuum And Requires Specialized Equipment.

1. The Process Begins With Sublimation At About 150°C Of The High Purity Crystalline Dimer Di-p-xylylene.

2. The Vapor Is Pyrolised At About 650°C To Form The Gaseous Monomer Which Has An Olefinic Structure.

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