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calcium lignosulphonate(MG-1) - Product


USD 535/MT


ISO 9000

Place of Origin : Wuhan,China
Delivery Terms : Shipment
Delivery Time : Within 3-5 Business Days
Product Capacity : 3000MT/month
Payment Terms : TT DP LC

Product Description

Calcium Lignosulphonate is a kind of natural anionic surface active agent processed with sulfurous acid pulping waste through advanced production technology. It can work well with other chemicals and produce early strength agent, slow setting agent, antifreeze and pumping agent . It is widely used in various concrete projects such preformed concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete, especially applicable for commercial concrete, anti-freezing concrete, waterproof concrete.

Basic Information

Brand : Hubei Aging Chemical
Model : MG-1
Material : Chemicals
Color : Yellow
Expiry/Validation Period : 3 Month

Physical Specification

Size or Volume : 25kg/bag
Weight : 25kg
Other Specification : 1,Can Reduce 10% Of Water Consumption At Least ; 2, Can Improve Mixture Of The Concrete; 3, Compression Strength Improves By More Than 15% Equally On 3-28 Days; 4, Have No Function Of Corroding On The Reinforcing Bar.

Company Inforamtion
Hubei Aging Chemical Co., Ltd
[ Exporter - China ]
 : NO.456 LuoYu Road, East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone
 : 86-027-87056469

 : Cheryl Chen
 : 86-027-87056469
 : 86-13297018473~
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