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Place of Origin : Anping,China

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Knitted Mesh Fabric is normally knitted form round or flat wires ranging in various diameters. When used as filter in large surface area cleaning and air-filtration, the wire diameter of knitted wire cloth affects flow, dirt holding capacity and pressure drop. In general, knitted mesh with large wire diameter allows for higher flow but provides lower dirt holding capacity. Also larger diameter wire is less expensive.

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Knitted Mesh Fabric Is Normally Knitted Form Round Or Flat Wires Ranging In Various Diameters. When Used As Filter In Large Surface Area Cleaning And Air-filtration, The Wire Diameter Of Knitted Wire Cloth Affects Flow, Dirt Holding Capacity And Pressure Drop. In General, Knitted Mesh With Large Wire Diameter Allows For Higher Flow But Provides Lower Dirt Holding Capacity. Also Larger Diameter Wire Is Less Expensive. Density Density Refers To The Mass Of Material Per Unit Volume. A Higher Density Filtration Can Be Achieved For Higher Cost Fine Wire, Lesser Density At Heavy Wire. Proper Density Is Critical For Optimal Performance Of The Knitted Wire Mesh Sealing, Gasket, Filtration And Separation Applications. Structure & Properties Of Knitted Wire Mesh Knitted Metal Mesh Has Distinct Advantages Over Other Mesh Materials. The Loop Structure Gives Knitted Wire Greater In Plane Springiness Or Two-dimensional Flexibility. Knitted Mesh Can Be Crimped Or Compressed To Alter Characteristics For Specific Applications. Knitted Wire Loop Acts As A Small Spring When Subjected To Tensile Or Compressive Stress. If It's Not Distorted Beyond Its Yield Point, The Material Will Resume Its Original Shape When The Stress Is Removed. Even The Compressed Form Has A High Degree Of Resiliency. Knitted Metal Also Provides High Mechanical Damping Characteristics And Non-linear Spring Rates. Vibration And Mechanical Shock Can Be Effectively Controlled, Hence The Knitted Metal Can Provide Ample Protection From Dynamic Overloads. General Technical Information Metal Materials Applied: €¢Stainless Steel AISI304, 316, 304L, 316L, €¢Magnetic Stainless Steel 430, 410 €¢Nickel And Nickel Alloy €¢Monel €¢Copper And Tinned Copper Clad Steel Wire Diameter Ranges: 0.12-0.45mm Width: 10-600mm Wire Shapes: Round Wire, Flat Wire

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