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BENJAM Electronics Co., Ltd is the wholly-owned subsidiary of BENJAM International Group (HK) Limited. It was set up in 1999 whose business combines R&D and manufacture with marketing. The products mainly include earphones, charger as well as all kinds of other accessaries for mobilephone, computer and MP ranges, and we dedicated to becoming a cosmopolitan mobilephone accessaries company who was recognized in whole world all along. Decade experience, 36, 000 sq. meters self-owned plant, more than 400 staff together with united teamwork ensure BENJAM produce eximious quality with reasonable price and excellent services. Till now we possess various own-brands such as: Neway, Doway and so on. what is more, years of cooperant experience with famous internaional company also make us keep up with woldwide tidal current and meet most customer needs.

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