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P-changer Electronic Co.,ltd is a professional production and marketing of high quality, thermostat thermal switch, temperature switches, temperature control, high-current temperature control, thermal protection of the factory. P-changer Electronic Co.,ltd produce KSD301 KSD302 -30C~300C 10A~60A. KSD9700/BW9700 20C~180C, KSD-01F 0C~150C,Products have passed the CQC, UL, VDE and ROHS certification,products are widely used various types of household electrical appliances: such as coffee pots, kettles, ovens, sandwich machines, heaters, microwave ovens, electric hairdryer, iron, frying pans, rice cookers, electrical motors and transformers. Categories:KSD-9700/KSD302/KSD303/KSD-01F/ST-22/17AM/PEPI/TP2/67L045/67F050/S01.130/S06/ST-12/Thermal protect/Thermostats/ bimetal thermal protectorbimetal/ overheating protection/ Disc-Type Thermostats / Series Thermal Protectors

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