M. Jamil Sports - Sialkot, Pakistan


M. Jmail Sports, a well known name in the Manufacturing field Of Leather Products, Motorbike Accessories, Boxing Products since 1989. The company is involved in the manufacturing and export activities. M. Jamil Sports is the choice of Leather, Motorbike Accessories & Boxing professionals right form its beginning. Following are the steps which makes M. Jamil Sports the choice of professionals.

The Materials: M. Jamil Sports always selects the finest material. According to M. Jamil Sports point of view, products made with inferior material may be cheaper initially but will cost more in the long run.

The design & development: M. Jamil Sports has its own designs for different products. For designing of these products, the company also uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) approach.

Quality Control: Keeping in view the nature of products, M. Jamil Sports has applied quality checks to ensure that only the finest quality is produced. Strict measures are taken right form the forgings to final approval. Also to ensure that the products are in tolerance limits; the working drawings are followed.

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