Integtel Networks - Lahore, Pakistan


Integtel Networks is an organization which offers Industrial and Enterprise Networking and Communications System solutions for Office and Industry. We have the expertise to Install, Test and Commission the equipment and systems, and provide after sale Maintenance Services as but not limited to the followings.

IP PABX, IP Phones, IP Cameras, VoIP ATAs and Gateways.
Biometric FP, RFID & FR Time Attendance & Access Control Devices.
Computer Network, LAN, WAN, Access Devices & CCTV Surveillance.
GSM FWT Gateways, GSM Boosters, WiFi Routers and Access Points.
Fiber Optic Accessories, Media Converters, SFPs, Mux. and Modems.
Industrial Ethernet, Serial Converters & Ethernet I/O Logic Controller.
Consultancy Services in all above Fields.

Project Evaluation

We have customer's friendly policy. Customer's inquiry is carefully evaluated and a comprehensive solution is presented to the customer. It is based on the best Network Topology comprised of Wire, Wireless or Fiber equipment and Material. While designing the Network, the cost is taken into account without compromising the result of performance.

Warranty and Services

Once installation, testing and commissioning is complete, product used in the project is placed on warranty and after sale service, depending upon the terms and conditions of the contract with customer. However, once this period is over, a new service agreement can be signed annually as long as the customer wishes.

Focus Markets



United Bank Limited
Muslim Commercial Bank Limited
National Engineers
Servaid Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd.
Royal Palm
Metro Net



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