Digital Commerce Information Co., Ltd. - Taipei, Taiwan, Province Of China



Our company is a professional team in various software development. It established in 2003 in Taiwan, specially accept software development work and concentrate on developing various software about Employee Internet Mangagement and a series related software like encrypt protection for document. From 2003 to 2006, our company continuously develop many sets of software, which are aim at analyze and filter TCP/IP packages, for example Network Monitor Gateway, Network Monitor Sniffer etc., with some aim at record and filter PC information, for example Cyber Data Recorder Client, Cyber Data Recorder Client/Server,Client/Server or Client structure system. Moreover our company developed a software product, EZ-Lock DRM(Digital Rights Management)Transparent Encryption for Document, which aimed at various document protection. Every product can adjust different enterprise and network environment of company. It can say that our company is a minor team owned strength of independent developing EIM

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