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Miss Hifza is a practicing psychologist, Yoga teacher and Reiki Grandmaster who has done remarkable work as a holistic healer. She has conducted seminars in many cities and frequently teaches Reiki awareness on TV. At her professional clinic in Lahore, she employs a wealth of technique that includes Reiki, Tarot Reading, SilvaUltraMind technique, Meditation, Aura Scanning, Hypnotism, Numerology Full Profile Reading and NLP. Among other; a legend in the field of healing, Hifza has had miraculous achievements attributed to her including powerful results in emotional treatment, personality & health assessment. Also expert in forecasting assessments. She practice Art Therapy and Drama Therapy for psychological treatments for successful results. If you know about your birthstones according to your numerological reading. You can purchase or order now. We have gemstones original collection from Neelam Valley Kashmir.

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