Shenzhen YWSS Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to R&D and manufacturing of Surge Protective Device (SPD), with complete and various LZZ series lightning arrestor which covering power system, control signal system, computer network system, video signal system, etc. our products are widely applied in military, electric power, finance, telecommunication, anti-lightning damage, automotive electronics, security and other fields. With years of development in product quality and good after-sale service, we have many influential domestic customers such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Post, microwave SDH truck, the banking system, Railway Bureau, the power company, road and bridge construction, medical systems, radio and television, big and small business, entertainment, residential quarters, hotels and corporate factories, under domestic marketing various requirement, we also act as the sole agent of several famous SPD industries such as OBO from German and ECS from U.S. with full range of lightning arrester products, meanwhile, we have a large professional engineering team to provide the engineering design, construction, crew equipment modification, site visits, application guidance and staff-training and other services, we own ourselves lightning laboratory for rigorous online testing and simulation environmental tests on all products to provide customers with complete system protection programs and engineering.

Our products `include power gap lightning protection device, lightning protection for power system class 1-4, surge protection box for power system, lightning counter, decoupler, POE network surge protection device, signal surge protection device, socket surge protection device, monitoring synthetic lighting protection device, video signal lightning protection device, ethernet surge protection device, CATV network surge protection device, 485 signal surge protection device, telephone line surge protection device, antenna surge protection

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