Optimum Salt Lamp - Wah Cantt, Pakistan


Natural Salt Lamps (2-3 Kg, 3-5 Kg, 5-7 kg, 8-10 Kg, 10-12 Kg, 12-15 Kg) weight Crafted Salt Lamps shapes are (Bamboo Shaped Bulb, Tree, Capsule ,Christmas Tree, Cone Shaped, Cross, Crown Pillar, Cut Cylinder, Cylinder, Diamond, Date Tree, Water Drop, Edge ,Egg Flower,Flame, Flower,Football, Globe, Heart Shaped House Shaped, Leaf Shaped Lime Carved Egg,Lime Coned, Mushroom,Nest, Obelisk, Pearl, Pyramid, Rectangle, Rugby Ball ,Shell, Table Lamp,Tent,Tree) Animal Shape Salt Lamps (Bird, Cat, Camel, Dog, Dolphin, Eagle, Elephant, Fish, Hen, Horse, Lion, Parrot, Rabbit, Snail, Swan, Turtle) Bowl Shape Salt Lamps (Ball Bowl, Crown Pillar Bowl, Double Bowl, Flower Shape Bowl, Heart Shape Bowl, Lined Bowl, Natural Exterior Bowl, Rose Flower Bowl Natural Candle Holders (1,2,3,4 & 5 Holes) and Crafted Candle Holder as crafted Salt lamps are shaped. Natural Salt Oil Burner and Crafted Salt Oil Burners Bath Salt Chunks, Salt Bricks and Tiles,Animal Salt Licks, Salt Soaps,Eatable&D-Icing Salt.

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