Al Hayee's Network - Karachi, Pakistan


Al Hayee's Networks the authorized dealer and representative of a US based company “XDS” having offices in California (US), Dubai (UAE) and Singapore, deals in the safety and security products. Right now we are marketing a very unique product XDS GPS (Glass Protection System). This glass protection system is a combination of two things, one is Polyester Mylar and second thing is the Acrylic Adhesive (Acrylic based bonding chemical). When we apply this product on any existing glass, which may be car glasses or home glasses or office/building glasses, the glass will convert into a super strength protective shield. The glass will remain 100% optical grade and become up to 400% stronger. In an event if the glass breaks, the Polyester Mylar will remain intact the glass pieces in the frame and resist penetration. Acrylic Adhesive penetrates into glass pores and makes a chemical bond so that the glass becomes harder and shatter resistant, therefore, protects Human Lives from Injuries.

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