Baoji shoushan pipe fitting co.,ltd - Baoji, China


Baoji Shoushan Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd is china based Fabricator of metals Titanium, Nickel (Monel), Zirconium 702. with standard of ASTM , ASME etc. The scope of ours are : -- Welded Pipe & Pipeline -- Butt-Welding Elbow and Returns -- Concentric Reducer / Eccentric Reducer -- Straight Cross & Reducing Outlet Cross -- Straight Tee, Reducing Outlet Tee -- Lap Joint Stub End -- Butt-Welding Cap -- Flanges / Rings -- Plate & Bar We serves a broad range of industries including: Chemical/Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Onshore & Off shore ,Pulp & Paper, Military. Etc. . For more information , please visit

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