Shanghai Best Alloy Co. - Shanghai, China


Our company product include: alloy, tube, forging,refractory,etc. We can provide fine quality steel, special steel and refractory product to clients。 Alloy: our factory have2.5 ton vacuum inductance furnace from U.K., high-precision 20 cold roller machine from U.S.A., XPS from Japan etc., we can product precision metal, high-temperature alloy, corrosion resisting alloy and special stainless steel material. Our productions are used in space flight, nuclear power, oil, metallurgy, power which need high temperature, erosion resistance, grinding resistance special material,including: Flux-cored wire, solid welded thread , welding rod, welded strip, welding fluid, etc. Can substitutes for imported goods, and fulfill equipment manufacture and maintenance requirement of every fields in China. Tubes: different stainless steel products and special alloy round tubes(seamless, welded), square tubes, shape of U tubes and profiled pipes, etc., polished tubes and bright tubes can be provided too

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