Welcome to SEARON INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD.! We are pleased to present you with information about our business, our products, our commitment to meeting our customers' expectations. We are specialized exporter of ferroalloy based in China.The products include manganese metal,nitrided manganese metal,nitrided ferromanganese, ultra low carbon ferromanganese, and low/medium/high carbon ferromanganese that mainly export to USA,UK,Germany,France,Russia and Japan ect.Base on many years operation,we have got good reputation from them. Besides that, We provide sourcing service of anything related with ferroalloy.I believe with sufficient communication, we can get what you need. a long term cooperation is what we are seeking for. Anything interested, Or you want to locate a contactor in China,please feel free contact us. We guarantee high quality, competitive price and consistent supply.

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