Jun Lin New Filter Media Co.,Ltd - Chang Zhou, China


We are a new startup filter media research and manufacturing company. Our team is devoted to provide better industrial filter media to help companies improve their production efficiency and protect the environment. We employ the latest technology to ensure the quality of our product and provide customized solution to meet our clients’ environmental protection goals. From the beginning of raw material selection to the final completion of products, we take strict control in each step of the process. Our product can be widely used in industries such as: Municipal sewage treatment plant, Power plant, Paper mill, Chemical industry, Fertilizer plant, Textile industry, Iron and steel metallurgy, Sugar refining, Food industry, Medical industry, Rock salt industry, Sludge dewatering, Solid-liquid separation and industrial filtration in Coal industry.

September 2010, Company founded.
December 2010, Manufacturing equipment successfully repacked and tested.
January 2011, Officially started production.
December 2011, Became strategic partner with Well-known foreign companies.
March 2012, Convene distributor conference.
December 2012, Sales reached one million dollars.

Team Leaders
Mr. Su, Technical Engineer. Founder of filtration industry in China, he had trained many technical talents in the industry. Mr. Su is in charge of product research and development, as well as quality control supervision.
Mr. Zhao, Production manager. Used to work for listed company, he is in charge of production and program management, more than 10 years of professional management experience ensured our manufacturing process carry on methodically.

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