Wuhan king suntime cnc equipment co.,ltd - Wuhan, China


Wuhan King Suntime CNC Equipment Co.LTD. is a professional manufacturer of industrial CNC equipment,which located in "Optics Valley" , Wuhan city, China. Our company principle is to produce the first class products, create perfect services. Products Our products include: inkjet printing machines, Laminator machines, cnc plasma cutters, CNC letter bending machine, acrylic bending machines,cnc notching machine, cnc router, cnc glass engraving machine, cnc laser engraving and cutting machines, cnc laser welding machines and so on. Personalized products and services to provide customers best machines, our machines are widely used in outdoor indoor advertising , signs, printing, metal cutting industry, woodworking, glass industry, leather, clothing industrial, craft gift as well as more industries. Certificate Our printer machines, plasma cutting machines, cnc router machine, cnc letter bending machine,cnc laser welding machines all have got CE certification. High precision, low energy

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