Trading house YAMZ - Moscow, Russian Federation


Centrifugal multistage pumps, Coal pumps, sinking turbo pumps, • The АRP 7, A8 battery- Fed Mine High Reliability locomotives and ARP 7, V8 Explosion - proof locomotives are designed for transportation duties at the gassy - and - dusty mines. The 2V8 and 2A8 locomotives are paired units with engine - drivers’ cabins at each end. The locomotive unit consists of two section coupled stiffly. All types of the locomotives are manufactured for 550, 575, 600, 750 and 900 mm gauges. • This loader is designed for loading into vehicles crushed rock, minerals and coal that come from underground mining and from underground construction. The loader consists of load and carrying unit mounted on caterpillar tracks. This unit includes paired heaping and loading arms and claws and unichain flexible conveyer. Our customers are famous companies such as MITTAL STEEL, LUKOIL, BP. We trust our equipment will meet your requirements.

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