Solid (Beijing)Technology Co., Ltd. - Beijing, China


Our company is a high-tech business enterprise located in the Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech Park, based on research and development, production and marketing of industrial testing equipment .Our team has a solid technical strength and rich marketing experience. We provide reliable industrial testing products and related technical services for our customers in China and the whole world .

After several years of painstaking research, we have introduced a series of two major products, namely :Digital ultrasonic flaw detector and the coating thickness gauge.Total 8 products.Mainly used in pressure vessels, petrochemical, aerospace, welding, railroads, steel mills, nuclear industry, aircraft manufacturers and the automobile production fields.

Our products from R & D to production in full accordance with the ISO9001 standard strictly enforced, fully comply with the relevant national and international standards for the industry.

In good faith with mature products, we also provide customers testing training and field testing services.Our aim is to demand from the market, providing high-quality products and testing program to provide high-standard testing services.

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