HiBill Electronics Co.,Ltd - Shenzhen, China


Hibill Electronics Co. Ltd. was founded in 1999. We are professional on manufacturing non-contact temperature measuring, distance measuring and angle measuring. We can provide the best products and services for all over the world. We provide different class of non-contact infrared thermometer even for gift using and provide on-line type probe, bi-color temperature measurement and the optical fiber type temperature measurement probe make us unique in this area. The laser ranging application is the achievements of our company technology outstanding people which they spends many years on research. And the technical had provided China patent application and the number is 200710072914.9. The international application number is PCT/CN2007/000122.We provide laser range finder, laser range telescope and laser distance sensor. Hibill is one of the minority manufactories which can competes with the international giant in China non-contact field.

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