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Areva Worldwide – Engineering, Construction, Consultancy and Interiors) has been building and renovating homes / offices for more than 10 years.

Modern and ultra-modern is a specialty of our company, and the implementation in a professional manner is the key to success of our business.

We specialize in handling projects from any stage. Construction, renovation or extension and all kind of works are welcomed at Areva.

We simply take your project to the completion level from any stage & have solutions for any kind of work, such as flooring, ceiling, tile fixing, wooden floor, paint and texture, designer kitchen, luxury bath, plumbing, electrical, and finishing works.

We have had years of success in handling lots of great projects including bungalows, apartments, schools, mosques, shopping malls. At Areva, we know how valuable you are to the livelihood of your environment; let it be your home sweet home, or your comfort for business.

- Building Repair & Maintenance
- Building construction, Remodeling and Renovation
- Wood Work, Doors, Kitchens, Cupboards
- Modern Kitchens
- Paint, Polish and Textures Services
- Aluminum, Glass and Iron Works
- Interior Services
- Engineering, Electrification
 Central Air-conditioning and Heating system
 Window Units services and installation
 Internal & External Electrification
 Generators supplies & Maintenance

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Areva Worldwide – Islamabad - Pakistan
(Engineering, Construction, Consultancy & Interiors)

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Focus Markets

Office Equipment and Stationery
Interior Decorator and Designers
Repair & Maintenance Services
Aluminum - Iron and Wood Works
Architecture Contractors & Builders
General Order Suppliers
Window Units services and installation
Generators supplies & Maintenance
Home Interiors & Exteriors Remodel & Renovation
Home Additions
Bathroom Remodel & Renovation
Structural Remodel & Renovation
Interior Paints & Textures
Exterior Paints & Textures
Furniture Paint & Polish
Ceiling Paint & Polish
Wooden Polish
Floor Polish
Windows and Doors
Cabinet Installation & Repair
Countertop Installation & Repair
Windows Installation & Repair
Fence Installation & Repair
Wood Ceiling and Partitioning
Full range of custom made furniture of your choice
Gypsum Board Partition
Gypsum Board Ceiling
Restaurant Consultancy


Pakistan Petroleum Exploration & Production Companies Assoc
Modern Builders
Heaven Hotel & Restaurant
Shifa International Hospital
Azhar Qureshi & Co
Holiday Inn - Islamabad
Hotel & Embassies
United Bank Limited
Bank Al-Habib Limited

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