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Professionalism, Diversity and Focus on the clients' needs, these are the basic pillars of GEMCO's team. Moreover, our specialization in Biomass Energy and pellet mill allows us to offer anytime a catalogue with the best market solutions available.We believe on the benefits of diversity and therefore we encourage the mixture of local Chinese and western professionals in our team. By doing this we achieve a perfect interaction with our clients and with our partners in China.

A highly qualified team, with business experience. This allows us to understand exactly our clients' needs (and therefore allows us to find suitable solutions to satisfy them).

A diverse team, which combines the best of East and West, which allows our clients to work with China without any additional difficulty and with the benefits of dealing with a local company.

A proactive team, that works to generate added value to the clients because our passion is Service. GEMCO supplies much more than products, we provide solutions: import from China Biomass Energy products with the best conditions and with full coordination and control.

We are a highly qualified team: our employees have wide experience in this business and therefore understand our clients' real needs, being able to generate solutions to fully satisfy them.

We are proactive and we offer only products complying with top standards of quality and warranty.

Our passion is Client Service: We work to exceed our clients' expectations. Thanks to GEMCO, purchasing in China is not a concern any more for our clients.

We are focused on Biomass Energy and pellet mill: This allows us to be specialists, to be always aware of the latest innovations and offer the best solutions. Moreover, both industries are complement each other and we are able to supply combined solutions, providing an integral service for our clients.

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