Sweet International Development Company - Shenzhen, China


Sweet International Development Company specializes in the research and development to the manufacturing of solid-state LED lighting products. With over 10 years experience in the cutting edge LED industry we have focused our energy on bringing excellent quality LED bulbs and lamps to the market.
By constantly improving our LED Line and implementing customer satisfaction measures we have been recognized as an excellent manufacturing supplier of LED lighting products. We take pride in providing custom LED solutions for our clients.
SWEET LEDS' vast product line includes LED lamps and fixtures for indoor / outdoor and underwater use in a variety of settings. Our LED Bulbs and fixtures are perfect for decorative lighting, cabinet lighting, emergency lighting, step lighting, hall lighting, recessed LED lighting, Marquis lighting, signage lighting, the possibilities are endless.
We also offer a large selection of LED bulbs with many different bases, colors and light intensities for your lighting needs. They work great as track lighting, industrial lighting, home lighting, cabinet lighting, emergency lighting and so on.
Our LED Lighting Emergency bulbs can be used for normal general lighting, and can also light up for at least 2 hours with the power off.
We offer a range of LED flexible strip lights, linear lights, LED puck lights and a range of LED bulbs including PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, R40, MR16 LED, GU10 LED bulbs and a range of LED incandescent replacements. We also manufacture a range of LED bulbs for the RV and Yacht industry, including G4 LED bulbs, Bayonet bulbs (ba15s, Ba15d, Bay15d), MR11, GU4 and Wedge T10 LED bulbs, all voltage regulated to work directly off 12V DC and 24 Volt DC Batteries.
SWEET LEDS products are durable and last 50,000 plus hours. They require low maintenance and use little amounts of energy making them inexpensive to operate. Our LED Lights produce a low heat output, are environmentally friendly, durable and cost efficient.

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