Rose Art Mosaic Co., Ltd. - Kaiping, China


Rose Mosaic, established in GuangDong,China in 1993, produces and markets high-grade glass mosaics through its production units of 9 product lines. Rose Mosaic, with the strong research and production facility, represents the finest glass mosaic arts in the world. Drawing into the past to rediscover valued artistic techniques and renew the possibilities of expression through modern technology; this, combined with an extraordinary creative spirit, is the true essence of Rose. The quest for new products moves in different directions that translate not only into new materials, but also into unconventional combinations of materials or colours, unusual forms and original design solutions. Rose is proud of the team of excellent technicians & artists, who will bring strong and colourful personality and spirit into human's life, with unbelievable plentiful colour collections of Rose mosaic.

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