Foshan Black and White ceramics Co., Ltd is specialized in producting and selling the building ceramics.Our company's headquarters is located in the famous ceramic capital ----- Ceramics International Trade Center.Full property rights have advanced equipment,fully functional ceramic production lines,production and trial such as the full control and flexibility!We have existing special brand of the Black and White,sideline in household ware gifts and creative household materials.
'Black and White' bases on the simple life, simple life-style concept,the pursuit of classical art.Products include swimming pool tiles, clay glazed tiles, metal glazed tiles, art tiles, small-size rustic tiles and husehold or office art pottery gifts,We are working on providing consumers with a "Pure Living Space", chasing natural, casual, fashion, classic taste of life.
'Designs for Products,Designs for Living' is the concept of our team 'Black and White'. We cooperated with the professional tiles design company to maintain the speed and quality of product development,and we had signed a long-term annual cooperation plan with professional advertising company, Then we could provide more professional services to dealers and consumers.
' Black and White' is a thought, emphasis on new marketing team. The hard core in our team have several years of production experience, marketing experience and management experience of Taiwan-owned enterprise and state-owned enterprise, and build a complete model of the perfect intellectual marketing team.
'No perfect person,only perfect team.'The company independently developed comprehensive training, and builded a learning organization.This is our concept of corporate culture.
'Everything begins with design.' This is our management philosophy that we begin with innovative production, development, marketing, management and integrate all kinds of marketing resources to remain competitive.

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