Guo Tai Fire Technology Co., Ltd - Yizheng, China


Guo Tai Fire Technology Co., Ltd. is the core company of Guo Tai Group. Now we mainly produce and operate fire extinguisher, fire hoses, gas fire extinguishing systems, fire extinguishing equipment, fire alarm equipment, steel fire doors, fire doors, fire windows, fire glass, wood fire doors, fire roll shutters, fire extinguisher boxes, fire hydrant boxes, fire hydrants, fire water guns, fire interfaces, fire paint, fire hose coils, sprinkler fire extinguishing equipment, bubbles. Foam fire extinguishing equipment, fire cannon, fire pump, fire personal equipment, fire emergency lighting and other products. The company's products are manufactured and inspected in strict accordance with relevant standards, and has obtained the market access certificate of the Fire Products Qualification Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security. The products are widely used in various fire fighting construction projects, and have won the unanimous praise of users.

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