WuHan HeChang Chemical Co., Ltd. - Wuhan, China


WuHan HeChang Chemical Co.,Ltd, established in 1997, we are the member of electroplate association in China, specializing in R&D, manufacturing intermediate for nickel,Zinc, Copper plating and organic and inorganic fluo-containing chemical and other special fine chemicals.

*electroplating chemicals for nickel ,zinc,copper.
*organic and inorganic fluo-containing chemical.
*Nonyl phenol ethoxylate series
*Fatty alcohol ethoxylate series
*Polyethylene glycol series
*Castor oil ethoxylate series
*Other surfactant series
*other fine chemicals
*Special Fine Chemicals
*Lithium Compounds:
*Lithium Carbonate; Lithium Hydroxide
*Lithium Bromide; Lithium Chloride
*Thiocyanates (Rhodanate) Ammonium, Calcium, Copper,Sodium
* 1.3 propane sultone (CAS No 1120-71-4)
* Propargyl Chloride (CAS.:624-65-7)

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