Prominent Circuits Co.,Limited - Shenzhen, China


Prominent circuits is a professional PCB(printed circuit board) supplier from China,which offers L1-L40 prototype,low to middle volume PCB,including heavy copper board,hard gold board,impedance control board,blindied via board,gold finger board,aluminum board,flex board,metal based board and so on. Promient Circuits owns a innovative and efficient team in manufacturing and management,which focus on high precise PCB.Through continuously technology innovation, purchasing advanced equipments and expand market share,now we produce 5000 square meters and 4000 part numbers per month.Most are exported into Europe,North America and Asia,such as American,Canada,German,Denmark,Italy,Poland,Spain,UK,Czech Republic,Thailand,Malaysia and so on. In order to expand market, we are interested in supplying our high quality PCB to you on favorable terms and conditions. Your further interest will be very appreciated.More details,call me and email me: Thank you!

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