Nanjing Huaqiang Electronic Co., Ltd. - Nanjing, China


Nanjing Huaqiang Electronic Co. Ltd is a professional enterprise who manufactures the special kind light source.We gather the production, development and sales in the integral. The company established in the end of 20 centuries,2003,we invested 21,000,000 , and built the factory in the Tangshanindustry park, which covers 50 acre of area, the yield of year is 8,000,000 pieces.
The company exerts its advantages to develop well-sold products. The well-known trademark is Nice Sun, the products contain eight categories and more than 400 species, includingline-type explosion protection lamp and lanterns,ultraviolet radiation lamps for use of attracting insects,printing and sterilizing, various special yellow lamps for medical use, super long fluorescent lamp of big power and other non-standard and abnormal lamps, which are widely used in the petroleum, chemical engineering, medical treatment and process printing, the air decontamination, research of photocatalyst and so on.
We concentrate on the product quantity and the assurance of the prestige, and do our best in each link of sale. In the sale process, we rule the sale procedure, carry on the market research periodically, study the market and make market plan, in order to make the Nice Sun light source always placed in the lead.
Nanjing Huaqiang Electronic Co. Ltd is like a red rising sun, it must be a shinning star in the electronic light source industry.

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