Lin An Kebo Cable Co., Ltd. - Hangzhou, China


We are one of the manufacturers that specialize in producing coaxial cabl. Our products include RG59,RG58,RG6, RG7, RG11, RG214 ect.

The SYWV (Y) -75 coaxial cable of serial radio frequencies which our company mainly produces: The interior conductor is as follows, CU, CCS, , CCA. The outer conductor has Tinned copper wire, naked copper wire, Aluminium magnesium alloy wire, the medium combines each other firmly with the interior conductor, change as temperature or cable draw press, medium and conductor can not take place and move each other. Material of jacket is insulating PE material and PVC . In coaxial cable of access network, our company introduces the advanced device fabrication of Europe. The products include the following specifications : RG59, RG6, RG11, RG12,etc., every specification has three kinds of structurea:Standard shielded, Trishield, Quadshield . We will try hard to meet various requirements of the customers.

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