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Precise Measurement and Control, Energy Saving for Customers
Yudian instruments are strictly controlled on temperature drift. The measurement temperature drift of AI-7/8 series high performance energy saving instrument Is less than 30ppm/oC, far lower than the market standard. Low temperature drift not only improves the product quality, but also reduces power consumption. For example, where one customer has a heating device that can normally operate under 200 -220oC, the use of low-precision instruments set at 210 oC with the drift of +/- 10 is reluctant to satisfy the production specifications, while YUDIAN instrument can stabilize temperature interval under 201 oC with a drift of +/- 1 oC, reducing the heating temperature from 210 oC to 220 oC resulting in power saving calculated to about 5% of the electric bill.

Using S thermocouple or Pt100 RTD, the measurement will be more stable rather than K or J-type thermocouple is used. Better insulating materials and lower set value (SV) as possible with consideration of manufacturing practice will also save energy effectively.

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