Mitech Instrument Co., Ltd. - Beijing, China


Mitech instrument co.,ltd is a manufacturer of non-destructive testing instruments. It's located in Haidian district of Beijing,China. Transportation is very convenient. Mitech has a professional engineer team devoted in developing, researching and manufacturing advanced high technique instruments, its main products are ultrasonic digital flaw detectors, portable metal hardness testers and handle ultrasonic thickness gaues; and coat thickness gauges etc; more and more products will be offered to the market. Mitech has distributors dispersed in major cities of China and offers excellent after-sale service. Mitech's instruments are widly used in Chinese power industry, petroleum and chemical industy, pressure vessel manufacturing industy and so on, for providing quality control procedure; Customers are satified by the high-quality, good reliablity of its instruments and its prompt after-sale services.

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