A & S Transmission Co., Ltd. - Chengdu, China


A&S Transformer Co., Ltd., a division of A&S Machinery Co, Ltd(A&S Group), is a global supplier of transformers. A&S Transformer is an experienced supplier for transformers, who assures our customers of the most reliable performance and the industry's lowest failure rate.We can provide you with transformers with low costs but long wear life. With development of many years, we had become professional in this field, and got many channels to offer the complete series of transformers and transformer accessories. We offer both liquid-filled, dry-type, line, power, audio, instrument, pulse, tube transformers as well as others with high reliability, low environmental impact. Brands include Hammond, ABB, Tamura, Sola, Jensen, Delta, Bando, Jefferson, MDL, Westinghouse, ACME, Schneider, GE, Basle, Siemens and so on. Moreover, for transformer accessories we still own transformer bushings, transformer calculators, transformer cores, transformer oil, electrical transformer oil,

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