NEHIR SERAMIK INSAAT TAAHHUT TURIZM SAN VE TIC. LTD.STI. Our Company started the business with getting the dealership of the leading companies in construction materials sector. For about 15 years, it’s had the experience gained trust. Since the establishment, we have taken care of the customers’ satisfactory a lot and have become a reliable solution partner to them. By applying the demands and the claims of the clients on the projects, we have raised the level of our goals and considered the success as the customers’ satisfactory. We have started the furniture sector by manufacturing the bathroom cabinets, American panel doors and ready kitchens. With the quality of our raw materials and our products, our designs and 15-year of experience, and by taking the customers’ demands into consideration, we have aimed the aesthetical and user-friendly designed models in 20111. Our catalogue will be issued in a very short time and delivered to your esteemed company, too. We have made a

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