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Cybernetic Solved (Pvt) Ltd Technology Consultants in Pakistan Cybernetic Solved (Pvt.) Ltd is in market to help businesses grow and achieve International Standard in terms of Computer Systems and Network Solutions to increase their productivity and efficient growth. At Cybernetic Solved both Licensed and Open Source solutions are promoted as we believe, that; the Ideal Solution does not necessarily come in a sealed box, rather it depends entirely on the User’s Business Logic and requirement. Audit and Inventory systems, ERP, IMS, DBS, LAN and WLAN solutions, NAS, Client/Server Architecture and Distributed Solutions are tailored for your needs. Our Team and Senior Management comprises of dedicated professionals in the field of ICT that are Australian, Malaysian, UK and North American Qualified and members of Professional bodies like the IEEE, BCS, The IET, IAENG, BSA, ICST, PEC, PCS, and ISOC with exposure of international technology trends.

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