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Established in 1965, with 40-years’ experience and technology in exploring and producing compressor professionally, we have a group of 700 excellent employees, and more than 150 engineers.
The first CNG compressor, the first universal air supply auto, the first important scientific research item “the develop and industrialization of the assorted sets of high quality natural gas station” and so on. We can produce 7 series, 700 specification compressors, including lubricate or non-lubricate ,fixed or mobile, electromotor or diesel engine drive, air or water cooled, auto-control or controlled by computer. We also welcome OEM service.
In recent two years, our company adjusted our inner mechanism to adapt the fast developing market, our company is ready for facing the challenged of fierce competition with our refreshed visage. By right of the profound technique details and the excellent employee, our company will absolutely take up the priority in the coming competition!

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