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Our Tianjin Yanxiang Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd., founded in Tianjin,China in 2001, We are a electronic hi-tech company which is technology intensive, export-oriented, information and industry combined. Our company is mainly engaged in research and manufacture of broadband network equipments as well as cabinet.

Our products

1.network equipment and communication cabinet

(1)communication cabinet with heat exchanger(chinese initiative invention)

(2)Heat exchanger(core product,better than Dantherm's CONCEPT series)

(3)ordinary communication cabinet

(4)distribution box

2.the broadband network equipments

(1)power supply over Ethernet System(world-class initiative invention)
(2)Fiber Optical Transceiver
(3)Ethernet Switch/converter(network switch)
(4)Fiber Optical Transceiver Support Power
(5)Integrated Distribution Box
(6)Ethernet over PON
(7)Network Power Supply Equipments with Intelligent Management,etc.

Our glories and awards

1.10 national patents

2.Five products are awarded Tianjin Science and Technology Achievements

3.Six products were listed as National Key and New Products Project and Tanjin Key Industrialization Project

4.Passed the ISO9001-2000

5.Been granted Tianjin Outstanding Privately Owned Enterprise in 2006.

6.China Privately Owned Science and Technology Enterprise Technology Innovation Award.

Our well-known customers

1.State Meteorological Administration 2.Tianjin Port 3.Department of the Navy Air Security 4.Tianjin Broadcast&TV branch offices 5.Tianjin CNC Xiqing Branch 6.Haitai Digital, Huayun Corporation 7.Huawei Technology corporation,etc.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for more information about our products. On top of that all our product can be custom-made according to your requirement.

Focus Markets

all over the world

Awards and Certifications

ISO 9001:2008
national patents: ZL 2007 1 0059532.2
ZL 2007 2 0097361.8
ZL 96 2 02905.X
ZL 2007 2 0097289.9
ZL 2007 2 0097285.0
ZL 2007 2 0097311.X
ZL 03 1 34876.9
ZL 03 2 49181.6
ZL 03 2 58189.0




State Meteorological Administration
Tianjin Port
Department of the Navy Air Security
Tianjin Broadcast&TV branch offices
Tianjin CNC Xiqing Branch
Haitai Digital
Huayun Corporation

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