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"Heavy service, take the brand"
Shenzhen Homk Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, Homk is "Green, Innovation, High-end"advocate. And Homk development, design, production, marketing, logistics, customer service as a whole for global customers with comprehensive communication solutions and the high quality product. Homk main products: Fiber polishing machine, polishing fixture, curing oven, insertion return loss tester, full automatic cable cutting machine, fiber microscope, centrifuge, glue dispensing machine, fusion splicer, OTDR, etc. Its relevant parameters have reached the international similar product level.

Homk has 22 technology elites, and more than 16 years in polishingexperience, can communicate with customer for polishing technology at any time. Let the global customers feel consummate
Technology and high quality service. They have high IQ technology, make Homk fiber products in the forefront of the world, let the high-end products of bring you more value for global customers.
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