Mr .Qamar Zaman Aamir Zaman Fertilizer Dealers - Mardan, Pakistan


Company profile
Its a family owned Business. Its main business activities like distributing, marketing Agro producs, Consulting & Turnkey Projectsand Agriculture cultivation. Contracts cultivation for Organic farming, Vegetables, Spices, herbs etc. The company has well established its name and image in manufacturing, marketing & turnkey projects in the field of agriculture.

Our Products & BrandsDealing with different national and international oranizations in the field of fertilizers ,pesticides and almost all kind of seeds and also a largest suppliers in the local market.

To increase market share in the areas of our operation, by providing upfront services of best quality and values which satisfy the needs of our customers. And in doing so, it brings prosperity to our company.

Create an organization incorporating the values of integrity, diligence and faith.
Progressively evolve with time to meet challenge of the future.
Build a framework, which focuses on a free and a collaborative environment.
To establish friendly relations with customers and dealers of our products.

Awards and Certifications

Fauji Fertilizer Company Awards
National Fertilizer Corporation Awards
Monsanto international Awards
Buyers limited awards
ICI seeds limited awards


Main Bazar Mardan
Main bazar Shahbaz Ghari

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