Jadechem Chemicals Co., Ltd. - Wuhan, China


Jadechem Chemicals is a high-tech enterprise founded by Mr. Wenchao Song and Mr. Rongmin Dai in 2000. It devotes itself to the field of surface treatment of metal and non-metal materials, and is engaged in research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of intermediates, additives and other fine chemicals for electroplating of Ni, Zn, Cu, etc.

  With the headquarter located in Wuhan, Jadechem Chemicals has three branches in Shenzhen, Suzhou, and HongKong, and has a plant of 30,000 square meters located in Yingcheng city of Hubei province, where is well equipped with various advanced and up-to-date facilities, including 80 sets of normal and high-pressure reaction units (For hydrogenation, acetylene, epoxyethane). The annual production capacity of electroplating intermediates has reached up to 5,000,000 kgs.

  Jadechem Chemicals has a nationwide sales network and its products can be found in most parts of China, including HongKong and Taiwan. Some products are exported to America, Europe and Southeast Asia. The application of our products covers hardware, electronic devices, horologe, lamps, locks, furniture, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, ABS plastics and PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

  Jadechem Chemicals believes in that technology, creativity, talents and management are the keys for the development of an enterprise. Integrity, Innovation, Permanence, Service are our values. We have the policy of “pursuing excellence and unceasing improvement” in quality assurance, and consider the full satisfaction of our customers as the goal and criteria in evaluating our work. The company has passed the certification ISO9001:2000 of international quality management system and this testifies the high quality and commitment of our products at the international standard to global markets. We are determined to provide outstanding products and service to our customers.

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