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Kanglian - Manufacturer of PE and PVC Powders

Hebei Kanglian Road Safety Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. is established in 2005. As one of the largest company in China, Kanglian has registered capital about 30 million yuan, employs 225 skilled workers and 35 professional techniques. Meanwhile, it is equipped with advanced facilities which enable Kanglian to have capabilities of manufacturing specific products coping with customers' demands.

The ISO certification of our company
ISO certification
Kanglian mainly supplies two ranges of thermoplastic powders: Adherest polyethylene powders and Kingdura PVC powders in any custom color. Adherest features excellent adhesion strength - that is to say Adherest polyethylene powder coating will adhere to the parts firmly with great resistance to mar, scratch and peeling. In contrast, Kingdura PVC powder is characterized by its superb corrosion resistance. Thus, it protects the metallic substrate from corrosive materials such as acid, salt water and alkali. Meanwhile, Kingdura can provide great weather resistance and prolong the service life of the coating to the largest extent.

Whether it be Adherest or Kingdura, our thermoplastic powders have superb performance in various areas such as agricultural equipment, home appliance, architecture construction and other applications where a durable and anti-corrosive coating is required. Meanwhile, they are available in any customer color to suit specific decoration style.

Our company always insists that quality is the life of enterprise so that we pay much attention to the quality management: All thermoplastic powders are manufactured under strict quality management system and are inspected prior to shipment.

We are proud to say that our Adherest and Kingdura powders performs extremely excellent and we offer samples if you want learn more about our products before ordering. Please email us at info@polyethylenepowder.com, and we are more than happy to answer your questions.

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