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Hangzhou FuYang KaiHe Air Equipment Co.Ltd was established in 2007 which specialized in gas technology research, equipment exploit and manufacturer. It is a professioanl company famous with advanced technology, high quality and efficient service of high-tech entity.
Being the professional manufacturer and Supplier, Develop service the best solution for industrial gas enterprise , which include: industrial gas nitrogen , industrial gas oxygen, high purity gas(liquid) nitrogen, high purity gas(liquid) oxygen, high purity gas(liquid)argon etc. The products including: Cryogenic Air Separation Plant, Industrial Oxygen/Nitrogen Generators, High Purity Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant, VPSA oxygen generation equipment and auxiliary equipment use of gas nitrogen and oxygen generation: pre-cooler, oil-water separator, filters, etc.
FuYang KaiHe always insisting coral competition on technologies, honest in sales, and lives in quality.
FuYang KaiHe has built up the complete teams of production and research department. Experienced professors also joined in. FuYang KaiHe is now one of the best partner with the only 2 universities whose has majors in Air Separation in China;
The Cryogenic Air Separation System of FuYang KaiHe is leading in the cost performance in China.
Set up the complete QC system from purchasing production to on-site management, strictly control in all steps.
We also built the perfect system of after-sales, offering good maintenance and consultant service.
FuYang KaiHe cares on each machine till end of its life.

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