Foshan huate gases co.,ltd - Foshan, China



South China Specialty Gas is a leading specialty gas companies in China. Our R&D and product manufacturing base occupies 50000 square,there are nearly 900 employees working in 12 subsidiaries across China mainland, and two overseas subsidiaries in Canada and Hong Kong. Our major product groups are: Welding and Cutting Gases- oxygen ,acetylene ,shielding gases Inert gases-argon,nitrogen,helium. Fuel gases-acetlyene. Laser gases -lasing gases Ballon gas-helium Beverage Dispense Gases-carbon dioxide,nitrogen and carbon dioxide /nitrogen mixtures Electronic Gases- carrier gases and process gases Medical Gases-for life support and diagnosis Refrigerants-HFCs ,HCFCs and our more environmentally friendly CARE hydrocarbons ammonia R-717 and R-744 refrigent grade CO2 Gaseous Chemicals-including chlorine and ammonia. Scientific Gases-high purity gases, rare gases and gas mixtures including calibration, instrumentation and gases.

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