Citichem - Karachi, Pakistan


Citichem is a pace setter in the Textile Softener field. Since our establishment in 2003, quality-control has been our key to consistent high standards and to success. Citichem has become a Hallmark of Quality among Pakistani Textile firms in the production of Textile Softeners.

Citichem has established its quality standards and met the conditions required for maintaining them by automated production, with annual capacity of 50000 tons, R&D activities, and state-of-the-art equipment minimizing the labor and workmanship defects. Our softeners are used in the production of many products from curtains to hosiery, from shirts to sweaters, from t-shirts to blue jeans, and from carpets to towels, the textile auxiliary softeners that facilitate the textile process and give the fabric the desired features are at the disposal of the people in every part of their lives.

Softener concentrates from Citichem represent an excellent value for money! Our product range offers different softening profile including cationic dispersible in cold and hot water. The dispersions from these concentrate are easy to manufacture and storage stable.

We dream. A part of us always stays awake, looking for new answers. Often redefining reality and letting imagination take wing. At Citichem, dreams are the embers that ignite ideas, hope and vision.

Discipline embodies this reality. Our commitment: to high standards, to the people who empower our knowledge and solutions… and most importantly to you, our customer.

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