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Changsha Xiang Wei Chemical Trade Co., Ltd, located in Hunan Province of China. Specialized in production, wholesale and export Chlorate Salts, Perchlorate Salts and Sodium Bicarbonate, etc.

Our factory was established on 2000 in Yanlin, Hunan. Focals on production of Potassium Chlorate, and sold to the international trade companies for export. Concentrated effort on the highest standard of quality, we are seeking to constantly upgrade our products and services to satisfy our customers' stringent requirements. With a highly experienced and motivated team, we can now produce 7,000 metric tons of Potassium Chlorate per year.

We started to export to foreign companies directly from 2010, and most of our Potassium Chlorate exported to Match factries, Fireworks factories and Fertilizer companies, and got good feedback. Meanwhile, We developed our business scope to export following products:
1.Potassium Chlorate & Sodium Chlorate;
2.Potassium Perchlorate & Sodium Perchlorate;
3.Sodium Bicarbonate, etc.

In the year of 2012, we established another factory to manufacture Sodium Bicarbonate - Food grade in Yunnan Province. And the annual output is 18,000Mts.

We go beyond keeping contact with our customers and strive for 100% customer satisfaction on the cornerstones of cooperation, professionalism and innovation.

We are committed to do everthing possible to achieve our goals.

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