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Foshan Renchang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company which specializes in the research and production of electroplated chemical products. With a team consisting of high-quality scientific researchers and the plating engineers with abundant practical experience, we have been devoted to developing the electroplating technology and products in internationally advanced level. The characteristic products manufactured by the most advanced and mature technology in the current electroplating industry include the aluminum alloy electroplated series products (aluminum-clad copper wires, hardware, communication cavities and hubs); the brighteners used for plating with zinc, copper, nickel and chromium; trivalent chromium and chromium-free passivation agents used for aluminum and zinc; the highly loaded electroless nickel plating and multifunctional wax detergents.

The products are widely used and well praised in South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East because the quality is completely comparable to that of well-known brands at home and abroad and the prices are very competitive. We are providing the design and technology service for plating plants, with plating production lines.

Focus Markets

Middle east
South africa
Viet Nam


copper plating
aluminum palting
plating pretreatment
zinc plating
nickel plating
chrominum plating

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