Huapeng Group Co., Ltd. - Yangzhong, China


Huapeng group is one of the 10 top electric companies in China. It supplies MV/LV switchgear, Enclosed busbar(IPB), low voltage busbar, MV busbar ,cable and Cable tray. Huapeng is full of export experience. Our products are widely used in Mozambique Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games including the Bird's Nest and other 6 venues as well as Shanghai Pudong International Airport and 2010 Shanghai EXPO. Our products are exported to Angola, Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodian, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Libya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Samoa, Sudan, Viet Nam, and Turkey. We can supply you a wide range of electric equipments. 1, LV Bus Bar (lighting type, resin type, compact type-IP65 etc) and HV Bus Bar (IPB, NSPB etc). Huapeng Group is the leader of LV bus bar in China. It leads 6 technical revolutions of Bus bar in China and it holds 60 patents. 2, LV Panel, LV Switchgear and MV Switchgear. We are Siemens' partner and the unique authorized man

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