UBS-AG - London, United Kingdom



UBS-AG provides customized equity and debt funding for publicly-traded companies through a range of flexible and innovative structured and direct investments, which include; Equity Line Facilities (ELF) Stock Purchase Agreements (SPA) At-The-Market-Offerings (ATM) Convertible Debentures or Preferred Stock Equity-Linked Promissory Notes Bridge Loans Purchase Order, Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC) WE will arrange for a fresh cut SBLC USD $10m to$2B in favor of your company with Euro clear access code and block code as well as the ISIN and CUSIP numbers and Common Code of the SBLC from Barclay's Bank to enable you verify it at a lease cost of 6+2% After which you will transfer Euro cost fee to validate the instrument before it is delivered by swift MT799 pre-advice and finally via MT760 and the beneficiary is expected to pay 10% lease cost via MT103 to providers funding bank after verifying and authenticating the swift MT760 from iss

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