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Dong Guan Yi Mao Filtrate Material Manufacturer DongGuan Yi Mao filter material manufacture is located in Tong sha Industrial Zone, DongCheng district,Dongguan city ,GuangDong PRC,China,which is a professional manufacturer of environmentally friendly filter material, the company was established in 2002. Five years has been committed to environmental protection filter material development and science , technology focus and practice of organic integration.We use advanced technology and scientific methods successfully developed series of environmental protection materials, such as activated carbon, electrostatic adsorption with pinhole paper, antibacterial mold, photocatalyst, non-weaven ……etc high-tech products. The products widely used in air filter ,air condition filter,oil filter. CONTRACT US Website: MSN:faye.1004@hotmailcom SKYPE:faye.1004 Linkman: Faye Zuo (sales woman)

Focus Markets

Largest potential market-Asia/Pacific Eastern Europe Africa/Mideast and Latin America
US Western Europe and Japan
Strongest sales increases market-China India and Russia
Expected lower volume market-Indonesia Iran Turkey Thailand and South Africa

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US Western Europe

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