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The business field
“AVTRAMASH-marketing” specializes in distributing and certifying engine spare part sets for diesel and gasoline engines complete with “AVTRAMAT” JSC products, “Motorodetal – Praveks” in Conotop and “Kievtraktorodetal”, Kiev, “Odessa pistons ring plant” and with the technical conditions TY Y 34. 3-14316014-004:2005 “Spare engine parts for gasoline engines” TY Y 34. 3-14316014-005:2005 “Spare engine parts for diesel engines”.

In order to get the rights to produce and distribute engine parts ( pistons and cylinders) Kharkov State Center for Standartization, Metrology and Certification has certified the production, where they are being produced, packed and does the annual testing for meeting the norm requirements. (the most recent test protocol was dated on 15.05.2007)

Engine spare part sets meet the requirements of GOST 621-87 OST 23.3.13-86; RD 37.001-625-93; RD 37.001-630-93, the certificate accordance with UA 1.007.0061363-07; and UA 1.007.0061464-07.

In the process of assembling of engine spare part sets we provide an instrumental selection «piston- cylinder- ring» on the diameters of a skirt of piston, guaranteeing recommended «Guidance on exploitation of the proper engines» gap in a pair «piston-cylinder» and gaps in the joints of piston rings (in a «piston -cylinder-ring» in composition), carry out the gravimetric selection of pistons in spare engine parts set and accordance of size groups of fingers in an coupling «bolt-bolt opening»

Spare engine parts set and piston set will be distributed only in the single packing with the proper marking.
Consumer needs to open the spare engine parts set and install it on the repaired engine.

The guarantee term of exploitation of spare engine parts set is the same as the guarantee term of exploitation of the new engines which they are intended for, on a condition of meeting the requirements of the service indicated in the User guide on exploitation of the proper engines.


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